Telescoping Arms

DMF Serie: Erase your torque reaction until 300 Nm.

  • Confort: Easy to install on moving assembly line (mountable on existing standard rail). Require little space and doesn't disrupt flow production. Erase orque reaction of power tools
  • Economy: Maintenance free thanks to the carbon fiber (no greasing)
  • Long last of living thanks to the durable carbon fiber
  • Productivity: Easy and quick operator handling thanks to the light weight carbon fiber


  P1 P2 P3 P4
DMF 12 Standard Not available Not available Not available
DMF 30 Standard 1200300 1200301 1200302
DMFi 70 1244032 Standard 1244013 1244015
DMFi 120 1244033 Standard 1244014 1244016
DMFi 200 1244033 Standard On request On request
DMF 300 On request Standard On request On request