Positioning Arm System

What is Positioning Arm:

Positioning Arm is the Torque Arm which reduces the load to the operator due to Reaction Force and the Weight of the Tool. But this is not only a Torque Arm but also has a function for detecting positioning exclusively designed for Handheld Nutrunner.

This Positioning  Arm enable to realize high level traceability by syncronizing and relating Fastening Torque and the Position, which will eliminate wrong process job by human error and achieve high productivity.


  • Simple and Compact design. Easy to install, easy to transfer
  • Horizontal (X, Y) and vertical (Z) positioning detection enabled.
  • Detect positioning of the tool, and give appropriate (programmed) instruction to the operator
  • Controller and Positioning Arm Controller. External PLC is not required
  • Progammable LED indicator for warning operator
  • Easy teaching. Just clench start trigger
  • Searching the origin point not required when turn on the switch
  • Absolute resolver adopted as position detecting sensor
  • Gas spring is selectable according to the type of tools
  • Touch panel, Barcode reader, Socket tray, etc are expandable through Tool controller as a standard functions

Where you can use this system:

  • For the application fastening needs to be done in sequence such as the application which has gasket, rubber materials are in between
  • For the simple application operator might make mistakes to fasten twice
  • To reduce the load for operators from reaction force and the weight of the tool
  • Easy setup for changing running model
  • To establish a high traceability to record positioning and fastening results together