Pluto DC Screwdrivers


Kolver’s ingenuity and experience have led to the development of Pluto (PLUs TOrque) screwdrivers, the most advanced DC tools in the market, able to reach 35 Nm of torque (4 times more than any competitor’s tool).

They feature:an innovative coreless electric motor with low inertia and friction with absence of iron losses for extreme efficiency and extended life. Planetary gearboxes with high quality composite materials. Pistol grip to fit operator’s hand ergonomically.

A weight of 550 g to reduce operator’s fatigue. Fully electronic torque control system, manually set by a dial on the controller, to shut the tool off automatically once the preset torque has been reached. The Pluto Series is ideal for high volume applications where millions of cycles at high torque are required. The Pluto Series is available in a molded pistol grip with the cord set exiting from the top (U option) or bottom, in a standard inline housing with lever start or 90° with angle head. ESD-safe housing is standard.

All Pluto series electric screwdrivers come standard with suspension bail and 2.5 m connection cable. Spiral cable available on request.

The new heavy duty cables and connectors, developed for robotic applications, are made of antistatic dissipative material for a safe use in EPA environment.

Also available Torque & Angle models, see T&A for details.

Pluto drivers are the real alternative to the pneumatic screwdriver.


EDU2AE, EDU2AE/HP and EDU2AE/TOP control units act as an AC to DC transformer and torque controller. The electronic control circuit cuts the power supply to the motor as soon as the pre-set torque has been reached.

EDU2AE, EDU2AE/HP and EDU2AE/TOP control units can be used in combination with any Kolver current control and/or clutch PLUTO screwdriver.

An easy-to-use scroll menu allows to select, set and/or adjust the following functions:

  • Screwdriver model
  • Tightening torque, fastening and unscrewing speed
  • Type of joint (soft/hard)
  • Acceleration ramp
  • Min and max fastening time
  • Autoreverse

In addition to the above mentioned functions, EDU2AE/HP control unit features:

  • Password protect settings
  • Prevailing torque function (for an adjustable time)
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation (right or left screws) with torque control
  • Torque value in Nm on the display through dedicated calibration menu
  • Screw count function
  • Min-max torque interval with OK or NOK signal

The EDU2AE/TOP multiple torque system is designed to expand the functionality of the PLUTO screwdriver. In addition to the a.m. options it also features:

  • 8 independent programs: with one PLUTO screwdriver you can replace 8 conventional screwdrivers
  • Time and date
  • Program selection by barcode
  • Program selection by socket tray and/or switchbox
  • Also available in TA version with torque/angle combined control functions (see dedicated page)

All units are supplied with a 10 pin I/O connector with torque reached, pressed lever and error signals and start, stop and remote reverse contacts. EDU2AE/TOP supplied with 7 additional connectors for multiple functions. Serial port available on request